Clarborough Primary School

Be the best you can be!


At Clarborough Primary School, we believe that all children should be exposed to different forms of technology, enhancing their computational thinking skills in order to be able to succeed and participate in the digital world.


As part of the Computing curriculum, the children of Clarborough will study computer science, information technology and digital literacy (these objectives are explained in the table below.) Our long-term curriculum plan has been adapted to ensure pupils are given opportunities to revisit key learning affected by school closures.


Our children have daily access class i-Pads, laptops, Clicker (to support with SEND) and Seesaw; this is a fantastic tool to: document work through engaging activities and to show deeper understanding via photographic and video evidence.


The children also have the opportunity to access many engaging tools such as: Makey Makeys, a Green Screen and Lego Wedos.