Clarborough Primary School

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Art is an important Foundation subject and as such is taught and experienced throughout school.  It is used not only as a form of communication but also as a form of expression.

Our aims in teaching Art are to:
  • Build on the artistic skills, experience and understanding which the child already possesses.
  • Encourage the child to find enjoyment, fulfilment, and achievement throughout art, craft and design and see themselves as artists, designers and craft workers. 
  • Develop skills to use a range of materials, techniques and tools effectively and competently. 
  • Feel able to express their ideas, feelings and experiences from life and society creatively. 
  • Develop an appropriate vocabulary to help them discuss their own work and that of others. 
  • Appreciate and evaluate the work of a range of artists from theirs and other cultures. 
  • Develop accuracy and patience whilst working in any form of artistic medium. 
  • See the presentation of all forms of work, written or pictorial as an art form and to develop graphic art styles to improve the appearance of their work. 
  • Enable children to express inner feelings and concerns. 
These aims are achieved by developing the child’s artistic skills and encouraging them to explore their imaginations and the reality of the world around them through artistic expression.

 At Clarborough Primary School, we value and are dedicated to the teaching of Art and Design. We see this as a fundamental part of school life. We are committed to providing a ‘cross-curricular’ approach for our children. By developing this, we can contribute to the quality of our children’s lives, both within and beyond school. We see Art and Design as a means to support learning in a range of ways. The skills that are developed in these subjects can be transferred across the curriculum and thus aid learning.

Please use your child's class newsletter to find out what they are learning about each half term.