Clarborough Primary School

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At Clarborough, our aim is to deliver high-quality science lessons that encourage excitement and curiosity surrounding the subject. Through our teaching of science, we plan lessons that allow children to develop scientific knowledge and learn specialist scientific vocabulary. We also provide opportunities for children to apply their English and mathematical knowledge to science lessons.

Below are the topic areas covered in each key stage:




Animals including Humans

Everyday materials

Seasonal changes

Living things and their habitats




Animals including humans



Forces and magnets

Living things and their habitats

Animals including humans

States of matter


Properties and changes of materials

Earth and Space

Evolution and inheritance


10 – Minute Science

10-minute science is hugely popular with all of our children. We teach this in addition to our weekly science lessons. Through our 10-minute experiments, the children have the opportunity to apply the skills learnt in their science lessons such as: observing, asking questions, predicting, gathering and recording data, conducting comparative and fair tests and drawing conclusions.