Clarborough Primary School

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School Dinners

All full time pupils may choose between a freshly prepared school dinner or can bring in a ‘healthy’ packed lunch. These are eaten in our school hall.

Hot dinners are prepared in our school kitchen and cost £2.30 each. These are ordered and paid for via our Parentmail app, 2 weeks in advance. Please speak to any of the office staff for further information. It is possible to pay termly or half termly if preferred.

All Infant pupils (Reception to Year 2) qualify for free school meals under the Universal Infant Free School Meals initiative (please see below). 

We have two sittings for lunchtimes, dedicated clubs for key stages and children taking up school dinners can access our salad bar. 

The teachers, children, midday supervisors and catering team have worked so hard to improve lunchtimes over the last year and after a re-audit of our lunchtime provision, it was stated that Clarborough Primary School provides a ‘remarkable service!’ We have been awarded a kitemark for our efforts too. 

Here is a selection of some of the brilliant things said in the report.  

There is a clear allocated lead at lunchtime, with lunchtime staff understanding their responsibilities during lunchtime and forming good relationships with pupils. A relationship between the catering team and the lunch team is good. There appears very much one team, with all adults present at lunchtime actively interacting with pupils.

 Outside, there are a large number of spaces for pupils to engage with, with zones allocated and playgrounds which promote physical activity and social interaction. Staff are mostly clear in their roles during lunchtimes, with appropriate allocation of staffing both indoors and outdoors.

 Pupils and staff both report enjoying the changes implemented at CPS. Lunchtimes are calm and enjoyable, promoting social interaction and positive behaviours and a remarkable lunchtime experience. A whole school approach to health is well embedded, with only a handful of changes outlined to further optimise this.

 Currently, lunchtime at Clarborough Primary School is: REMARKABLE  

Should you receive any of the benefits detailed in the criteria section of the above document, then you may be eligible to apply for Free School meals for your child (regardless of their age).  You can either check your availability online, or by phoning the Free School Meals team on 0115 804 1240.  This will also mean that your child would qualify for free music tuition and would attract additional funding of approximately £1,300 which then has to be used by us to ensure that your child makes progress.
 Click on the link below to find out what is on the school dinner menu for the term.