History is taught across the curriculum at our school. For instance in guided reading during literacy as well as discretely. We believe this helps children to develop the ability to think historically, apply their skills and find answers to questions about the past.

We plan to provide opportunities to inspire children’s interests by providing real-life, hands-on experiences. Where possible, educational visits or visitors are used to do just this and extend our history curriculum.

Our aim is to help children to be interested in the world around them and its past. The study of history makes a valuable contribution to their understanding of all aspects of life giving sense of their own identity and heritage as well as that of others. By providing children with a high quality history education we aim to give them a sound knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and the wider world.

We value history in its own right and for its cross-curricular links, so that we can in inspire pupils’ curiosity to know more about the past.