Clarborough Primary School

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House system

At Clarborough Primary School, the House System is an integral part of school life, designed to promote and reinforce good behaviour, positive work habits an achievement. Every child is placed in a house when they start in Reception with siblings usually placed in the same house.

Through this system, pupils have an opportunity to earn recognition for themselves, as well as understanding how participation in being part of a larger group can reap rewards, along with the benefits of friendly, healthy competition.

Clarborough pupils all understand that to have a successful House, everyone has to give their best and every house point counts.

At the beginning of the academic year, pupils are elected as House Captains (Year 6) and Vice-Captain (Year 5) for each House. Regular House meetings allow House Captains to encourage their members to give greater efforts in all things and to focus on particular areas for improvement.

House Master

Mrs Cowell-Clark





Head of House

Mr Byrom

Mrs Turton

Head of House

Miss Green

Mrs Green

Head of House

Miss Mayhew

Mrs Garton

Head of House

Mrs Holmes

Miss Marshall

House Captain

Holly E

House Captain

Emilia A

House Captain

Carla T

House Captain

Tillie M

Vice-House Captain

Daisy A

Vice-House Captain

Freddie A

Vice-House Captain

Olivia O

Vice-House Captain

Lucy H

Throughout the year, the children are given the opportunity to work in their houses as well as compete against other houses in various events and activities.

House points are added together weekly and the House with the most points at the end of each term win a non-uniform day.