Clarborough Primary School

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Digital Leaders

Here at Clarborough, we have an expert team of Digital Leaders who have a very important role in the running of I.T throughout school. Each year, KS2 children have the opportunity to ‘sell themselves’ via an application form and once selected, then they get to work together completing tasks such as:

Planning and running teacher training

Testing new apps and software

Planning and leading school assemblies

Creating online safety questionnaires for all of school

Planning events such as Safer Internet Day

Completing I.T audits of equipment in school

Helping with fun lesson ideas

Feeding back information to Pupil Voice

Wearing a badge so that they are recognisable around school, helping school staff and pupils with issues

Current Digital Leaders are:

Charlie A
Jack B
Lilia F
Freddie G
Laurie L
Olivia M
Rose P

Here is what some of the team had to say about their important roles:

“It’s a chance to learn things about computing and help other people to learn. I enjoy learning lots of new things; we have made PowerPoint presentations for staff meetings, tested the Internet Legends website, we did an online safety survey and looked at the results and we’ve talked in assembly about I.T rules and how to carry laptops.” Freddie G

“I enjoy being a Digital Leader because we get to use all sorts of technology. I got to use Makey Makeys and test new games.” Jack B

“We prepare for all sorts of things such as testing apps for school, staff meetings and teaching them fun things to do with the children. I would recommend being a Digital Leader because if you like computers, you have a great opportunity to learn more about them. I plan to make people more interested about computing!” Olivia M

“I recommend being a Digital Leader because you can learn about computers and it’s really fun. I love to help people who are stuck and I really enjoyed using Makey Makeys and making PowerPoints.” Rose P

"We got to test our Makey Makeys and create posters for Safer Internet Day. I would recommend being a Digital Leader because you get to test new things." Laurie L