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COVID-19 Catch up premium

What is the COVID-19 Catch up premium?

Funding from the DfE to support pupils with catch up programmes has been made available in three tranches. The spring term tranche has not been received yet. As you know, the autumn term payment was been used to support TA deployment in Year 1 during the term, for purchasing new reading books to support emerging readers in FS2 and Y1, access to Primary Stars, to enrol the school on the Nuffield Early Language Intervention and allowed 12 pupils to begin to receive a term’s 1-to-1 access to Third Space Learning.

These purchases were made after baseline assessment in September identified specific areas for development.

The spring term allocation will pay for subscription to Spelling Shed (This supports the acquisition of spelling and word knowledge) for the school and will also be used to purchase a maths scheme to support intervention. Gaps in mathematical understanding became clear during remote learning and are particularly evident in the children’s knowledge and understanding of geometry and measures. 


Please see further information about the Catch Up Premium below: