School Dog

In September 2017, we started introducing a school dog to our school. Jeske, (Jes for short), is Miss Spencer’s dog and she visits the school part-time. She is now an 8 month old puppy, who is learning all about the world and getting used to the sights and smells of a primary school. In time she will be trained to ‘listen’ to children read, offer comfort to children and will help pupils learn about respect, empathy and responsible pet ownership. Many children would love to have a dog, but are unable to do so due to their home situation, this will allow these children to have regular contact with a dog in a safe environment, whilst teaching them how to interact with animals at the same time.

At the moment Jes spends the majority of her time in the school office, where she is kept securely. She has a designated exercise area at the front of the school, (away from where pupils spend time) and is taken around the school before children arrive or are in lessons, so that she learns whatJeske has now passed her Intensive and Advanced Puppy training and is working towards her entry test to be trained to become an Attending School Dog with the charity: Dogs Helping Kids. This will be taken in July 2018. This is a scheme supported by the RSPCA, the Kennel Club and partons that include Victoria Stilwell.

Up until now Jes has been ignored by staff and children whilst in school, which has helped her to learn to be calm in the school environment. Over the next few months she will begin to work with a small group of older children, who will help her learn how to behave with pupils. These children will be selected by their Teacher and will have specific permission from their parents to engage in this stage of her training. There have been many offers of help from the pupils, but it is very important that this is handled carefully, to ensure that we have a well trained dog who will support children at our school for years to come.

Jes’s training is sponsored by local vets: Pinfold House Veterinary Clinic in Misterton. This is a RCVS accredited practice who provide brilliant customer service and care to pets of all shapes and sizes. Jes is the third dog that Miss Spencer has owned that has been looked after by the caring team of staff in Misterton.