School Dog

Jeske is our trainee Educational Assistance Dog. She is just over 18 months old and is working towards Assessment one and two of the School Dog training programme, with the charity - Dogs Helping Kids.

She has successfully completed their puppy training programme, culminating in her passing their Entry Test and Welfare & Environment Assessment.  The programme she is now on, lasts two years and tests her suitability to assist children through six assessments of increasing difficulty.

At the moment Jeske has very little interaction with the children.  Working only with one child from Year 6 each day, for a very short time.  These children are learning about the five freedoms of animal ownership and are helping to teach Jeske the correct way to interact with children.

Jeske has been taught many cues by our School Bursar, (her handler), has learnt how to walk with a loose lead, a reliable recall, how to settle despite distractions and can also respond to a cue to instantly go down even if being called/enticed away from her handler.

Our Bursar has also been teaching the children in our school how to ‘Speak Dog’, by reading body language and to talk about the care and behaviour of humans towards animals.

Should Jeske successfully complete the two-year training programme, then she will have learnt to ‘listen’ to children read, be able to read simple cue cards herself and be comfortable chilling out with children in a classroom.

Jeske’s training is sponsored by local vets: Pinfold House Veterinary Clinic in Misterton. This is a RCVS accredited practice who provide brilliant customer service and care to pets of all shapes and sizes.