Friends of Clarborough

We have a volunteer group of Parent and Carers of pupils and ex-pupils, who organise events in school in order to raise funds for the benefit of our pupils.

Members often help with charity fundraising events that take place in school and hold their own events also, ranging from Film nights, to discos and raffles.

Over the last year Friends of Clarborough School have donated a significant amount of money towards a new interactive touch screen for a Classroom. Bought equipment for the children to play with at lunchtime and paid to have a games board marked out on the playground. They help to provide the children with the ‘extras’ that can’t be afforded from the main budget.

Friends of Clarborough School are always looking for new members and new ideas of how to raise funds. If you are interested in helping them, please contact the school office, who can get one of the members to get in touch with you.