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In September 2017, we started the process of introducing a school dog to Clarborough Primary.  Jeske is Miss Spencer’s dog and she visits the school part-time.  Jeske is a puppy, who is learning all about the world and getting used to the sights and smells of a primary school.

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Jeske spends the majority of her time in the school office at the moment, where she is kept securely.  She has a designated exercise area at the front of the school (away from where pupils spend time) and is just occasionally glimpsed by the children either in the office or outside.

Until she has passed her entry test with Dogs Helping Kids, Jeske is ignored by staff and children alike, so that she learns to be calm in school.

Miss Spencer is training Jeske with the hope of being accepted on to the Attending School Dog programme with the charity Dogs Helping Kids.  This charity assists handlers like Miss Spencer, in training dogs up to help children in schools.

Miss Spencer will also be running an educational programme for pupils in Year 1 and up, in how to ‘read’ dog body language, how to approach dogs and how to care for dogs.  This will begin early in 2018.

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School dog policy and risk assessment.


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